Kevin offers keynotes on several topics relating to suicide prevention and mental health. He has spoken in front of large crowds at big events as well as speaking at smaller, more intimate events. Kevin is happy to stay after his presentation and chat with attendees. If you are interested in seeing if Kevin is available to speak for your orginzation or at your event, contact him here.

Suicide Prevention

Kevin Briggs’ goal is to promote suicide prevention and mental health awareness by breaking the prejudice and discrimination associated with them. Having observed, up close and personally, the toll that years of mental illness had on people contemplating suicide, as well as the impact interacting with those individuals had on others, Kevin has developed a variety of tools that he shares through his powerful presentations and workshops.

Crisis Management

Preparation is the key to a successful outcome. Kevin offers tailored presentations and workshops designed to guide the way in which a crisis is handled. Lack of planning and preparation can put both businesses and individuals at risk of a negative outcome. Have you thought about what possible crisis you may encounter? Do you have an adequate strategy in place?

Quality of Life

Kevin shares about the importance of self care, support and professional care to gain and maintain a higher quality of life. His talks and workshops include helpful tools to evaluate your quality of life and start moving towards a more enjoyable and fullfilling life.


Kevin also offers workshops that he has developed to provide a more interactive way to share his experience and knowledge. You can check out a PDF here that gives a full list of his keynotes and workshops. If you are interested in seeing if Kevin is available to work with your orginzation or teach at your event, contact him here.