Kevin Briggs

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Speaker

Taking a step further toward creating a stronger community of acceptance.

There is HOPE. There is HELP.

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Over 800,000 people lose their life to suicide in the world every year.

Kevin Briggs

An inspiring mental health and suicide prevention speaker with over 20 years of experience in crisis management and suicide prevention. As a sergeant for the California Highway Patrol, Kevin has responded to hundreds of calls for suicidal individuals on the Golden Gate Bridge, talking them back over the railing to safety. Kevin has now dedicated his training and experience to helping people before they ever get that close.

Kevin uses his professional experience and training as well as opening up about his personal experiences to share a genuine and hopeful perspective on the topics of suicide prevention and mental health. He started Pivotal Points as an organization with the purpose of furthering the understanding and acceptance of mental health issues and removing the stigma people can feel when seeking help or support.
Here are some organizations that Kevin has worked with:

16 million Americans live with depression.
Together, we can help one another.

Suicide Prevention

Kevin Briggs' goal is to promote suicide prevention and mental health awareness by breaking the prejudice and discrimination associated with them. Having observed, up close and personally, the toll that years of mental illness had on people contemplating suicide, as well as the impact interacting with those individuals had on others, Kevin has developed a variety of tools that he shares through his powerful presentations and workshops.

Crisis Management/De-Escalation

Preparation is the key to a successful outcome. Kevin offers tailored presentations and workshops designed to guide the way in which a crisis is handled. Lack of planning and preparation can put both businesses and individuals at risk of a negative outcome. Have you thought about what possible crisis you may encounter? Do you have an adequate strategy in place?

Quality of Life

Kevin shares about the importance of self care, support and professional care to gain and maintain a higher quality of life. His talks and workshops include helpful tools to evaluate your quality of life and start moving towards a more enjoyable and fullfilling life.

"Kevin is an inspiring speaker. He has a gift for creating an intimate conversation in the middle of a crowd on the most difficult of subjects."

-Laurie Williams
San Francisco Bay (California)
NAMIWalk Director

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"Kevin provided an excellent example of how ordinary people can do extraordinary things and make a real difference in the lives of others. He was flexible and prepared to go to extreme lengths to get things to work for us as conference organizers – I suppose this attitude is what he took to work on the bridge."

-Jorgen Gullestrup, CEO
Mates in Construction (Australia)

Guardian of the Golden Gate

More Americans die by suicide than by homicide or vehicular accidents every year. Nine percent of Americans are dealing with depression at any particular time, many of them with major depression that can last a lifetime. Depression is the leading cause of disability for Americans age 15 to 44. These are under-appreciated problems because they're usually hidden and often come with a stigma of shame.In Guardian of the Golden Gate, Briggs shares his experiences with the help of people who credit their lives to him. His inspiring story will help shine a light on a killer that lurks in the darkness and show readers signs to look for and the value of hope. You will gain insight into this steadfast hero that will allow you to see why he's known as the Golden Gate's guardian.

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