Kevin Briggs is a retired Sergeant with the California Highway Patrol, mainly working the Golden Gate Bridge area during his 23-year career. The Golden Gate Bridge, while one of a kind and beautiful, also carries a dark side – it is sadly a place where many people, since its opening in May 1937, have chosen to end their life. Kevin’s law enforcement experiences on the bridge responding to calls for assistance are insightful and informative, as he dealt with numerous individuals who were over the rail – many off their medications, dealing with life circumstances that were overwhelming, or feeling they were out of hope.

Kevin is a trained and experienced speaker with the goal of raising awareness about mental health and wellness, crisis management, and suicide prevention. He delivers his message by sharing his personal story and experiences, as well as tools he developed to assist with crises, that can be used by anyone. His talks are inspiring and educational while encouraging help-seeking and reducing prejudice and discrimination related to mental health.



The way in which you handle a crisis is generally determined long before the crisis actually occurred. In both your personal and professional lives, have you thought about what possible crises you may encounter? Was a proper strategy prepared? Generally, it is the lack of planning that puts both businesses and individual people at risk for a negative outcome. Before the crisis, it is important to build a solid skill set and strategy for dealing with various crises which may occur. Preparation is the key to a successful outcome.


Most of us have observed many forms of leadership. An effective leader will generally lead by example. Most effective leaders were not born effective. They have wisdom from overcoming adversity in multiple forms and have a good grasp of empathy. They will challenge subordinates to raise the bar in both their personal and professional lives and will be genuinely concerned for the welfare of not only the company, but for the individuals who make up that company.


Pivotal Points began as Kevin Briggs first thought how he might be able to reach more people suffering from mental illness – before they wound up suicidal on the Golden Gate Bridge. Leading a team of officers, Kevin observed, up close and personally, the toll that years of mental illness had on people contemplating suicide, as well as the effects that interacting with the individuals had on his officers. Kevin Briggs’ goal is to promote mental illness awareness and ultimately break the prejudice and discrimination associated with it. Suicide is preventable. There is hope. There is help.